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El Zombo: Michelada Mix

By Max.C

Release date: September 2011
Language: English
Pages: Unknown

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Dave Wilkins

Dave Wilkins

Hey guys, I’m Dave Wilkins, and I scribble to eat! I’ve had the fortune to work for Darkhorse and Marvel comics; as well as the Gaming and Film industry-most recently on Marvel vs Capcom 3 and the new Splatterhouse.

El Zombo: Michelada Mix

Dave Wilkins is raising the dead in his new graphic novel El Zombo!!

El Zombo: Michelada Mix

A super-pumped steroid-zombie-Mexican-demon-fighting wrestler called El Zombo will be fighting against the forces of evil in an over-the-top story featuring beautiful character design, vibrant color work and, of course, Dave’s must-see signature style. The book will also feature multiple illustrations from other super talented artists such as Luke Mancini, Brett Parson, Slixart-featured artist Loopy Dave and many more. 

El Zombo, originally created in 2004 and published by Dark Horse Comics, was the first time we saw our hero fight evil. The adventure lasted three issues and was well received by the readers. 

We don’t have much more information at the moment, but we know the first edition will be sold at Comic-Con san Diego at Dave Wilkins's booth! This is a must see for anyone attending the event this year! We will try our best to obtain one of these copies to report back on the book! 

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